Mini Churro Station

Who doesn’t love a churro? They are a crunchy, creamy and delicious way to snack with a hot beverage. Our Mini Churro Station is a perfect match for birthday parties, private events, fund raisers, appreciation days, corporate lunches and even weddings.

We are determined to add a festive and unique touch to your special event with our mini churro station. We bake our hot and fresh churros from scratch and thrive for a soft and warm delight, which has a light crunch on the outside.

We offer a wide range of toppings like sugar and cinnamon along with whipped cream, to make your upcoming event remarkable. Our Churro Station are fully equipped and designed to accommodate our executive chefs and their talented churro skills.

Crunch, crunch, and more delicious crunches! Add our sweet snack dessert to your celebrations and make your party a hit!

Churros are also known as Spanish donuts and are served hot and fresh from our mini churro cart. The soft inside and the warm outside crunchy surface will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Book our mini churro station today and add Spanish charm to your next big event!


Mini Churro Station

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