Mini Burger Station

Let us help you create world’s greatest event with our mini burger station, filled with sensational flavors, appetizing toppings and gourmet ingredients. We promise to use only the freshest and most delicious toppings, to create a menu of mini burgers that will make your event a huge hit!

We allow great customization options with toppings like Wisconsin cheese, peppers, tangy sauces, cheddar cheese, bacon, chicken, mushrooms, and other fresh ingredients. We have something special for everyone, whether you’re a true vegetarian of a meet lover; we make burgers that will satisfy different taste palates at once.

Crispy chicken, grilled chicken, Swiss melt, three cheese, southwest and much more are few of your of the many mini burger options that we offer to our clients and their guests.

Whether you want to make your kid’s birthday party a rocking one, or your wedding reception fancier, we have got you covered! A crowd of 10 or 1000’s, we are always ready to serve hot burgers straight from the grill to every guest that honors your party.

Book our mini burger station today and allow the zest of delicious flavors and appetizing toppings take over your celebrations.


Mini Burger Station

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