Individual Chipwich Station

Chipwich was a creation of a bold strategy that included folding of ice cream in between two chocolate chip cookies. This is an ice cream treat that is aimed for adults, and now you can bring it’s deliciousness to your event with our Individual Chipwich Station.

Richard LaMotta invented this ice cream sandwich and traditionally consists of vanilla ice cream stuffed between two large chocolate chip cookies. At our station, we will create individual Chipwich delights for all your guests, who will love to cherish this decade old delicacy at your event.

Our talented chefs are responsible for creating the perfect and crunchy chocolate chip cookies, which are later stuffed with creamy and rich vanilla ice cream. The scrumptiousness of chocolate chip cookies and the tastiness of the ice cream will keep your dessert-loving guests satisfied for longer.

You can create the perfect magic of crunchiness and creaminess with our Individual Chipwich Station, at your next event.

Give us a call today and we will get our ovens bake-ready and ice creams churning, to satisfy the sweet taste buds of your guests with perfection.


Individual Chipwich Station

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