Ice Cream Soda Bar

Add glamor, charm and color to your next event with an ice cream soda bar. With over 15 ice cream flavors and ten soda flavors, we create the most heavenly experience for your guests with our friendly event staff ready to help along the way.

Our bar is the one that will attract every guest of your party, adults and kids alike. The great ice cream novelties and tangy sodas will bring a smile on everyone’s face.

Whether it is your kid’s birthday party or your baby shower, our ice cream soda bar will fit right in with your event. It even works perfectly at appreciation days, corporate events, and even fun wedding receptions.

We cater to big or small events and deliver our best ice creams and sodas at one place for you to experiment and mix. Imagine root beer spilling over scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream, and studded with a long straw and spoon. Who wouldn’t want to taste some of it?

Give us a call and we will arrange the best-customized package for your event, to add glitters to every edge of the ambiance.


Ice Cream Soda Bar

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