Fudge Puppy’s Station

When you begin your preparation for any event like a grand opening or wedding reception, the first thing you have in mind is the food menu. This is the single most important thing that will entertain and keep your guests happy throughout the event. If you’re looking for a fun and delicious way to feed your guest’s taste buds, then our Fudge Puppy Station is an ideal choice.

We make our toasty waffles fresh with organic ingredients and provide several dipping ingredients like whipped cream, chocolate sauce (made from our secret recipe, nuts, candies, and much more.

Our Fudge Puppy Station is always on a popular demand during fun or sophisticated events like bar mitzvahs and appreciation days. People love to dig in our sugary treats and enjoy it with our Hot Chocolate Station.

Whether you want chocolate covered fudge puppy, or a toffee sauce dipped one, at Mini Donut Factory, we have it all. Our Cappuccino Station will also blend perfectly next to this incredibly delicious fudge puppy station.

Scroll through our packages and other stations, and create the perfect food menu for your upcoming event and make it a booming hit!

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Fudge Puppy’s Station

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