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Want to treat your crew to something special onset then have a Mini Donut Station to show your love for cast & crew. We take great pride in our Mini Donut Station where we have several types of batter from buttermilk, Red Velvet, Chocolate flavored donuts. But it doesn’t stop there we also bring our world famous topping bars with 12 different toppings and 7 different sauces so you can make the ultimate mini donut design for yourself.

The Mini Donut Factory has over 25 years of specialized experience in catering to the hectic schedule, long hours, and challenging locations of film and commercial shoots. We provide trained Donut Attendants who will serve your crew until we see a smile on everyone’s face.

Please call us in advance for your production shoot so we have time to gather supplies and drive out to your location. Let us help you keep your crew happy and on schedule!



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