Banana Donuts with Dark Chocolate glaze

I have a friend who actually loves banana bread. Every time we go to our favorite local stores she always asks if there’s banana bread. While me, being a chocolate junkie, I always go to the ones covered with chocolate.So we come with this idea baking a banana donut covered with dark chocolate glaze. Cool, is it?
Our donuts taste like little rings of banana bread. And,can you handle that silky smooth dark chocolate glaze?! Despite beingnon-traditional, these banana donuts are actually pretty cool. And they have the most incredible flavors like cinnamon spice, a hint of nutmeg, sweet banana, vanilla and butter. Plus, a slight tang from buttermilk. All good things going into this donut batter!This chocolate glaze is the silkiest, smoothest, glossiest, chocolatiest luxury.
And all this chocolate perfection paired with banana? It’s a life-changing donut. Try it out!
We hope you have enjoyed our blog post about donuts and the love we have for donuts. We have a strong passion for all types of specialty foods for different type of events like our Mini Donuts that we love making for guest right in front of them and watching their faces light up when we hand them fresh made donuts.

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Scott Reade Mauritzen
Head Mini Donut Baker
The Mini Donut Factory

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