Bacon is one of my all-time favorite breakfast foods.You know you love it! Bacon Donuts with maple glaze are breakfast heaven! Bacon, maple, and donut are the best of friends and these pastry treat take it to a whole new level!The salty sweet combination is a-mazing!These donuts are the definition of indulgence and they are SO WORTH it.
These donuts are crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside with a delicious maple cinnamon flavor. Like, crispy smoked bacon tucked inside fluffy donuts topped with a sinful maple glaze and more bacon. Are you sold yet?
When you can’t decide between savory and sweet, choose baked Bacon Donuts with Maple glaze! Because everything is better with a little bacon.
Excuse me while I grab another one!
Bacon Donuts
We hope you have enjoyed our blog post about donuts and the love we have for donuts. We have a strong passion for all types of specialty foods for different type of events like our Mini Donuts that we love making for guest right in front of them and watching their faces light up when we hand them fresh made donuts.
Some of our other services are Cappuccino Service, Mini Churro Station, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Station, Caramel Apple Station, Chocolate Fountains and so much more it boggles the mind.
Please take a look through our website and see what we can do for you!

Scott Reade Mauritzen
Head Mini Donut Baker
The Mini Donut Factory

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